Anyone who was alive in the year 1994, or who has done a little research is well aware that it was a monumental year in popular culture. Some of the greatest music and movies of not just a generation, but of all time were released in that year. For every member of 94Forever, it's a year which has greatly informed our perspectives and inspired our work since. This is a year that gave us the first Supreme store, in which Pixar began developing its first movie, Disney gave us the beloved Lion King, the Notorious BIG released Ready To Die and in which Leo DiCaprio became a household name (it would be another two decades before he'd win that elusive Oscar). 94Forever isn't about emulating anything that was made in that year, but about aspiring to the level of some of the greatest entertainment experiences of our time. If you believe in creating at the highest level without compromising on quality or feel at all inspired by the works of that era, we consider you a part of the 94Forever family.

Welcome Home. 


We are 94Forever


Young Teo - VP, Words

Jordan Coleman - VP, Pics

Elie & T A I R - Co-VPs, Waves

iamDELE - VP, Blades (cuz he be choppin sh-- nvm)

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Things She Didn't Hear

by Dele

Listen to Dele's new project 'Things She Didn't Here' available now on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal